ABMP Website Transformation

06 Jan 2016
by allison@motif.consulting
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A member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) had an outdated website using the association’s free website builder. The template was less-than-inspiring and did not reflect the professionalism of her business.

She was ready to grow her business and knew that driving new traffic to her website would be a waste if visitors did not pick up the phone and book an appointment once they got there.

Healing Hands Therapy & Massage contacted Motif Consulting to help create a new website that would result in new clients who were excited to book her services, not skeptical about the quality or legitimacy of her business because of an old website.

Almost immediately after launching the website, Healing Hands Therapy & Massage began booking new business from new visitors who found her website.

If you are a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) and Associated Skin Care Professionals and you are ready for a website that better reflects the professionalism of your business, contact Motif Consulting for a website transformation.

Massage LLC site

Branded Emails

In addition to a swanky new website, Healing Hands Therapy and Massage retained Motif Consulting to created branded email templates for outbound marketing emails. We created 2 email styles with various formats for promotions, education, and newsletters. We also added a bonus holiday email since the holiday season was nearing an end and there was still enough time to sell gift-certificates to last-minute holiday shoppers.

Massage LLC Emails

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