City Councilman Campaign Donor Email & Campaign Flyers

06 Jan 2016
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Not a newbie in the world of business, Ty wet his toes in the pool of government when he decided to run for city council. Ty retained Motif Consulting to create flyers for targeted constituents  as well as a emails that helped garner donations for the campaign. 

Campaign Flyers

We designed campaign flyers for print that maintained a similar style to the website Ty had already created. A consistent brand image across all communication platforms helps businesses, not just those in government, project a professional and trustworthy image. The first flyer was used to inform all possible voters about Ty’s main stance on community issues. The second flyer targeted a niche group of constituents who were young and progressive. The design for the second flyer appealed to a younger group.

Branded Donor Email

Motif Consulting created a custom email graphic that mirrored the look and feel of the campaign website. Additionally, we wrote compelling email copy asking friends, family, and neighbors for their support. The email was deployed through MailChimp.

Email Screenshot

If you are looking to elevate your image through a professional look and feel across your website, emails, and collateral, contact to discuss your business challenges. We’d love to share some ideas.

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