Featured Project: Jessica Lauren Salon Logo & Business Cards

12 Jun 2015
by allison@motif.consulting
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The Client

At Motif Consulting we love working with owner-operated businesses. Jessica Lauren is a very talented hairdresser in the Denver area. She does a bomb blowout, and her color technique is on-point.

The Problem

Jessica Lauren Salon serves an upscale market in a posh neighborhood and she needed a logo and business cards that reflected her classy image. However, she desired gold (being the elite color in the spectrum!).

When it comes to gold and silver, most small business owners are crushed to find out that printing  metallics actually requires the printer to press metallic foil into paper. And it’s outrageously expensive. The alternative is to print with Pantone gold ink, and it has to be printed onto a glossy finish, otherwise a matte paper will absorb most of the fleck, making it look brown.

On the web, gold is difficult to mimic because real gold has texture and sparkle. Online “gold” looks yellow.

The Solution

For the digital version of the logo, Motif Consulting used a digital foil technique to make the initials on the logo appear as real gold. Similarly, this can also be done with glitter graphics.

For the print version of the logo, Motif Consulting turned to a new digital technology in printing called Dry Ink. It took days to sniff out and hunt down the right technique and a print shop that operated a printer that used Dry Ink. Typically, colors are printed in four layers. With this kind of printing, the printer prints the normal four layers then adds a fifth layer of dry metallic ink. This made the solution for printing gold just as affordable as normal digital printing. And the end result was beautiful.

Find Jessica at www.jessicalaurensalon.com


If you have ever wanted to work with gold in your branding but have been told it is too expensive or too much of a pain because of printing costs and processes, then work with Motif Consulting because we have the right affordable solution for you.

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